Subaru Match
The best way to meet single Subaru owners in the Midwest

April showers bring May flowers, but it can also brings dates. Spring is often synonymous with new beginnings, as well as it being the time of year for pollination, so isn't it time to allow your love life to bloom too? According to results of a recent scientific survey that we just made up, you're 45% more likely to find your ideal match in the spring time. That's why starting today, Chitown Subarus is hosting our very-own personal dating site for members only.


Meet your future

Are you looking for someone who will appreciate both you and your car? Are you looking for someone to race side by side with during your track day? Your ideal match is out there, so let's go find them! We've connected thousands of Subaru owners all throughout the Chicago-land area, and we're looking forward to helping you too!


Finally, someone who shares your car goals

Love and relationships are all about sharing something special between two people, so why not share your passion and drive for your Subaru too? It's always great to have someone in your life who has an extra 10mm socket you can borrow when you lose yours.


Never hear the words "It's me, or the racecar"

The days of hiding your credit card receipts for car parts from your spouse are over. At Subaru Match, your partner will be a fully understanding individual who knows your modding addiction, and will support your habit no matter what!