Natalia Kaczor

Today marks the first year I have had with my Subaru. Three hundred and sixty five days which I have had to explain to my normal friends how this car wasn't used to get me from point A to B. From getting talked down to for "Having a CVT transmission" to being asked "How can a girl like cars?". 

Overall, this car has seen me grow and been through a lot with me. Friends have come and gone, yet I know I can always take a drive and she calms me down. The first time I went to a car meet I was a shy girl who couldn't leave her house without taking a friend. Now I'm a confident person who drives across the state borders to get a photo shoot with a random person. 

This car has introduced me to photography, something that I will forever love and do in my free time. I've met so many people and have even had the pleasure to get my photos into Subaru Drive Magazine. A Subaru for many in the community is a form of self expression. I'm thankful for the people I've met and the advice they've given me, making me the person I am. The Subaru community is one of the most friendliest out there, and I'm glad Chitown Subarus was the the one I was introduced to. From talking to people across the US to people from Australia, I've made new friendships with enthusiasts who share the same passion. Thank you to those who have helped me on this car whether its been advice or critique. I cannot thank everyone enough for helping me find the passion that has taken over my social life.