Introducing YOHB

Beginning today, we would like to share with you a new bi-weekly segment that we are rolling out that is simply called You On Here Bro (YOHB). The purpose of YOHB is to not only get to know some of the neat cars that are part of Chitown Subarus, but to get to know some of the people that drive them too. As our group has grown in size over the past few years, we thought this would be a great way to have people get to know a little bit more about one another (and their cars), even if you don’t connect with that person on a regular basis. Each post will have some pictures of the owner’s car, a build sheet, and a question and answer portion that will give you a little bit of insight into the lives and personalities of our members.

All YOHB posts will be uploaded to our new YOHB portion of this website for easy reading, and we’ll be sure to share them to our Facebook pages as they are published. Don’t forget to Like our new Facebook page in order to get the latest YOHB articles right in your news feed.

For our inaugural YOHB post, we have nominated Mike Szabo and his 2001 Subaru Impreza RS. Check out the link below, and lets us know your thoughts! We look forward to the future of YOHB, and getting to know everyone!