Chitown Subarus Winter Karting League Off to a Fast Start!

Monday evening marked the start of the third annual season of winter karting events for CTS. This year an exciting new twist has been added, a points series to crown a season champion. The event drew a crowd of enthusiastic Subaru owners and their friends to the K1 Speed location in Addison.

photo credit: Lincoln Seabrooks

photo credit: Lincoln Seabrooks

Once everyone arrived, run groups were set up with the K1 staff. Then people who were interested signed up for the championship and participants were given  custom event stickers to adorn their helmets.

Photo credit: Nicole Frahm

Photo credit: Nicole Frahm

With the paperwork out of the way it was then time to race! For the racing everyone drove together, both people competing in the championship as well as those who were there just to have a good time. As has become tradition the event consisted of 3 races for every participant. As a result of attendance there were multiple run groups which have everyone time to watch their fellow competitors drive as well as chat about strategy and everything else that gets discussed at a typical car meet.

After the dust settled, times were collected and the winners were crowned. This was made easier since CTS members set the fastest times of the week on that track therefore K1 did most of the work for us.


This event's winner was Allan S, but the competition was fierce with all 10 championship competitors within a half a second of one another!

As for the championship, six events are planned, points will be F1 style and based on competitors fastest lap of the day. In order to help accommodate members busy schedules the lowest 2 event scores will be dropped.

Our next event will be held on December fourth as the same Addison K1 location, but on other track.

Hope to see you all there!

Stanley Z