The best part about Chitown Subarus is the wide variety of members that make this community so great. People from all over the area, and from all different aspects of life coming together because of one car brand is quite incredible when you think about it. With that being said, only a small portion of our group are female, and this week, the ladies of Chitown Subarus finally get their turn in the spotlight.

Year and model of your car? 2016 WRX Limited CVT with EyeSight

Mod List: Stock!

Tell us a little about yourself... I'm a professional cat herder! I enjoy just about anything outdoors such as camping or hiking.  One of my favorite vacations included hiking in Scottsdale and Sedona, Arizona. Photography is my main hobby, which intentionally leads to more time outdoors.  My favorite subjects are flowers and bugs focusing now on macro photography. 

How did you get into cars? My interest in cars is 100% thanks to my dad.  He was always outside in the garage working on cars, and I enjoyed daddy daughter time watching and asking many questions as kids do. He spent years molding me into a muscle car enthusiast...and here I am with an import! 

What is your dream car? That's a tough question!  I'd have to choose with the first sports car I was really into, which is the Bugatti EB 110.  

What are your future plans for the car, and what do you like to do with it? I want to keep it stock...but we all know how that turns out!

What's your favorite thing about your car? My favorite thing is really a winning combination.  Having all wheel drive in a spacious sedan that's pretty speedy is the best. 

What was your first car? 1995 Altima.

For those of us driving with a manual transmission, what is the CVT like? One of the questions I get is 'Why did you choose the CVT? Isn't manual so much more fun?' I opted for the CVT transmission when choosing my car because I wanted EyeSight.  If you haven't driven a car with EyeSight yet, it's pretty interesting.  At first it feels like driving with your mom, alerting you when you forget to use your blinker while changing lanes, or if you're not breaking fast enough. About a year later (bad habits corrected) I can tell you with confidence that EyeSight has saved me from a couple potential fender benders, making it well worth the investment. 

Why did you choose a Subaru? Safe, reliable, and fun to drive!  The built in Subaru family is just an added bonus!