Tim's Forester is an example of the low-life done with cleanliness and passion.

Tim's car: 2004 Subaru Forester
Instagram: @Tim.tann

Engine: APS SR56 ball bearing turbo, ACL Rods, Custom JE Pistons, B25 Heads, Kelford Cams 264, DeatschWerks 850 sidefeed injectors, Perrin V2 sidefeed fuel rails, TGV Delete, STi top mount intercooler, Perrin cold air intake, Subtle Solution hood scoop splitter, Cobb Accessport V3, Invidia V3 catted Downpipe, Borla hush catback exhaust, Mishimoto radiator, Perrin MAF intake, Perrin turbo inlet, Perrin & Samco hose's throughout, Samco hose clamps, Tomei equal length header, Tomei uppipe, Grimmspeed EBC 3port, Group N motor mounts, GrimmSpeed Alternator Cover

Drivetrain:  05 STi 6 speed MT, 05 STi driveshaft, 05 STi rear diff, 05 STI front & rear axles, 05 STi front crossmember with spacer delete, ACT street light flywheel, ACT Heavy duty street clutch, Kartboy front & rear shifter bushings, Kartboy transmission crossmember bushings, TIC shift linkage bushings, Group N rear diff mount, Kartboy rear subframe outrigger comfort bushings, Group N pitch mount.

Wheels/Tires/Suspension: Airlift Struts, 3P Management, Group N bushings Suspension, Whiteline 27mm swaybars, Rallitek front & rear end-links, SubtleSolution fender braces, 05 STi Hubs, 05 STi control arms, 05 STi lateral links, 05 STi trailing arms, NRG H brace, Whiteline roll/center bump steer kit, Brembo brakes, GiroDisc steel braided brake lines, Work M1R Wheels, Hankook V11 tires.

Exterior: JDM front bumper, JDM fog covers, JDM grill, JDM lower headlight surrounds, STi hood scoop, STI Front Lip, Custom side and rear splitters, Avery Burgundy Vinyl Wrap

Interior: Defi Psi Link boost gauge, Defi Egt link gauge, Defi Oil Temp gauge, Defi link controller V2, Pioneer AVIC D3 "mounted in double DIN housing", Pioneer AVHP4200, 05 WRX seats, 07 WRX TR steering wheel, 05 STi shifter trim, Double DIN dash housing, Raceseng Shift Knob, Takata Harnesses, M1 Harness Bar

Tell us a little about yourself:  I am a full time college student at Elmhurst College, and I just graduated with a Business Management degree! I will be working full time at Tannco Construction as an estimator. Also I am a part times sale rep at a performance shop called Track Ready. I enjoy hanging with friends, meeting new people, photography, working on cars, golfing.  

How did you get into cars? I would say I got into cars from my dad and family.  Many family members have been into cars all their lives so I just gained interest from helping them. I also have a close group of friends that are into cars too. 

What is your dream car? I would same my dream car would have to be a Porsche GT3 R in white.

What are your future plans for the car, and what do you like to do with it? I am hoping to do some more engine work and get more power out of it safely.  I would like to possibly flare it and get the car repainted to a color that the foresters do not come in to set it apart.  I would also like to do a little more interiors work such as seats. Right now I have only gone to shows with it but I am hoping to track it soon also.

Do you go by any nicknames? If so, how did you get your nickname? Tim (Just my shortened name of Timothy), and Tim.Tann (my Instagram name, and license plate). Also many people have trouble saying my last name “Tannhauser” so its easier to say Tim Tann.

Does your car go by any names or nicknames? No nicknames right now. Only have has the car for a little over two months.

What's your favorite thing about your car? It has a full STi drivetrain swap, which Foresters don’t usually come with. The body is something different, and many people don’t expect it to be fast because they see it as a station wagon. 

What is something that you don't like about your car? There are a couple minor things such as dents, but the biggest thing that I want to change would be seats, and the paint.

What is your car like to drive?  The car is a great time to drive, the turbo spools from 4300 to 7000 easily and pulls super hard.  It is the smoothest Subaru I have owned and this is my 3rd one. 

What was your inspiration or objective with this build? I wanted to get a car that was quick, as I really enjoyed my last STI.  Didn’t want to get another one because they are a common car, and I wanted something different that people normally don’t see.

Why did you choose a Subaru? I got my first Subaru in August of 2013 and it was such a fun car. Got many looks, made it into a magazine, but got bored of it since it was a WRX and was scared the trans might go. So sold it and bought a STI, which was a great car (until it blew up).

What was your first car? 1998 Jeep 5.9L

What makes your car special to you?  The friends I have made through owning a Subaru, the weekly meets, just the Subaru Community in General!

What is something about you (or your car) that no one else would know about? It is a gas guzzler.

Any memorable moments with you car that you would like to share? Not yet. I haven’t driven it much since I have owned it for such a short time.

Any shout-outs to anyone who helped you along the way (can be people or shops)? Shout out to my cousin and sister for going with me to Minnesota to pick up the car.  Also shout out to my mom and dad for letting me enjoy this hobby and helping me throughout the way.  Big shout out to my friends, GRIM, SubaruRuinedCrew, VadedMob, TrackReady for helping me get my car to where is it today!

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