This week, we review Daniel's FR-S that sees plenty of track time.

Daniel's car: 2013 Scion FR-S

Exterior: TRD Canards, Crystal Eye Tails, Greddy Hood Struts, HID kit

Interior: Shifter Bushing, Flossy Shifter Knob, Recaro RSG-SK2 seats.

Engine & drive-train: Tanabe Overpipe, Tanabe Front Pipe, Greddy Evo3 Catback exhaust, Whiteline Diff Mount Bushings, Whiteline Shifter Bushings, Greddy Oil Cooler, Radium Dual Catch Cans, High Flow Air Filter, Straight Intake Pipe, Motul Fluids (Everything), Comp Clutch Stage 4, 6 Puck Clutch Kit, Apexi Radiator Cap, Raceseng Cam Plate

Wheels/Tires/Suspension: Wedsport TC105N,  Hankook RS3, RCE T2 Coilovers, Stance Lower control arms, Wilwood Front BBK Kit, Squeaky Pads, Whiteline Subframe Bushings

Tell us a little about yourself? What do you do for a living? I do BDM for an IT Consulting firm. I meet with various clients on both project and staffing needs.

What sort of hobbies take up your time (if anything besides cars)? I just recently purchased a daughter name Emma (dog). She takes up most of my time as I have to clean up after her, and walk her around the area. Other things I focus on are my family and friends. Other than that, most of my time is spent at the gym and drinking protein shakes, then fighting the aftermath of those protein shakes. I also spend what little time I have left watching Game of Thrones, random Netflix shows, and the Walking Dead. Otherwise I enjoy spending time playing Video Games (CS:GO pm me to play), having therapeutic moments working out, and spending time sleeping.

What are some of your interests? How did you get into cars? A few buddies of mine in college were big into cars. Naturally I was absorbed into their interest, and I started to appreciate them.

What's your favorite thing about your FR-S? The fact that this car can out-turn a lot of higher end cars is ridiculous. The chassis is absolutely fantastic, and it's so fun getting this car around corners at the track. The car is also light, so late braking feels brilliant.

Why did you choose an FR-S instead of a BRZ? The chassis is the same,  but I'm a simple man. I felt that I could spend the extra 3k into mods/other things. Also at the time the BRZ was selling at a premium (I believe 5k more was pretty much WRX premium pricing), so I would rather use that money for mods, or for time at the track.

What is the car like to drive? It's literally a bigger go-kart. The car's response is absolutely fantastic. It's super forgiving too, so if you happen to go sideways, it will allow you to correct it and not die!

What was your inspiration or objective with this build? I do want to get into racing other cars one day. That's currently why I am glad I chose the ZN6 platform to help with that. The chassis is great, and once I am able to perfect some of my driving skills, I will try to compete and see what is out there down the road.

What are your future plans for the car, and what do you like to do with it? The biggest mod I need to update is my driving. I was so lost in buying car parts that I lost the biggest fundamental piece of a car, which is the driver. Ever since I have done my first track day, I been on an obsessive goal to mod me as the driver first before I add any more parts to the car. My biggest plan is to get as many track days as possible then get some wheel to wheel action down the road. I'm hoping to do a 24 hours of Lemons race with some friends in the future to get more comfort with wheel-to-wheel racing.

What is your dream car? I would say Ferrari La Ferrari, but to be honest, the Porsche 918. Build quality is there, plus, then they allow me to buy the GT3, which then I would take to the track as well. The Ferrari and McLaren counterparts do not have anything near-luxury wise either.

Any shout-outs to anyone who helped you along the way? Main shout-out goes to Bun Motorsports and its mechanics. All the labor has been done by these great individuals. I would like to give a shout-out to Emma as she is super supportive of my hobby. Also, a big thanks to my friends that has given me rides and tips at the track, and another big shout-out to Dewey at TH Motorsports for all the hooks ups on parts.