The Subaru SVX (Subaru Vehicle X) was Subaru's first attempt at the grand touring coupe market, and it made its debut as a concept car at the 1989 Tokyo Auto Show. Subaru would introduce the SVX in the United States in July 1991 (as a 1992 model), and in Japan in September of that same year. Soon after the SVX entered production, Subaru began to realize that the high selling price of the SVX was driving away customers, and in an attempt to attract more buyers, a front-wheel drive version was offered on the SVX during the 1994–1995 model year with a lower price.

Unfortunately for the SVX, it never recovered from the high introductory price that it was known for, and the fact that it had made its debut during an economic recession, sales in the United States were not satisfactory. Production of the SVX would eventually end in 1997, but not after going through some minor changes throughout the car's life cycle.

Needless to say, It's not every day you see an SVX on the road, and it's not every day that you meet someone like Lincoln either. Amongst the sea of Imprezas and Foresters that make up a large portion of this, we're lucky to be able to have a regular SVX in attendance for every weekly meet.

Lincoln's car: 1996 Subaru SVX (Base Model)

Exterior: JDM hood ornament, JDM SVX vinyl decal and Motorsport decal from Motorsport Warehouse. JVC, Die Hard, Castrol GTX and Enkei decals from Decal

Interior: JVC KW-AV61BT Monitor with DVD Receiver. Front speakers are Pioneer 6 & 1/2" TS-G1645R

Engine & drive-train: EG33 model, 3.3 liter, 230 horsepower, 6 cylinder, 24 valve, DOHC engine. Electronic 4-speed automatic transmission and limited slip rear differential. Only mod is the custom made oil cap, courtesy of X35 Design.

Wheels/Tires/Suspension: Enkei RSF5 hyper silver finish 16x7. Tires are Definity HP800 "All-season" 225 50R 16. Stock suspension: Front are Asymmetrical A-shaped lower arms. Rear are Dual Parallel Links with trailing arms.

Tell us a little about yourself. What do you do for a living, and what sort of hobbies take up your time (if anything besides cars)? 

I have been a Courtroom Deputy for Cook County since 1988. Currently working in the southwest section of Cook County. I also play guitar and keyboards in two ska bands, Skapone (Chicago's longest running ska band, since 1992), and our side project Patois (which also features Chitown Subarus member Brian Collins on drums).

What makes the SVX so special?

Since the car was designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro of ItalDesign, and previous Subaru models were construed to be "econo-boxes", the SVX increased awareness of Subaru's presence as a forward-thinking auto manufacturer.

With a little more than 14,000 SVX models sold in the US, do you ever feel like a celebrity when you're driving around?

Virtually every SVX owner has had that feeling at some time or another. This is my third SVX, and I have enjoyed all three. It gets looks from people where ever I go, and the reactions are great.

What is the car like to drive?

It is a quiet, luxurious ride, with a balance of sports car performance and the riding comfort of a sedan.

What are your future plans for the car, and what do you like to do with it?

Keep up general maintenance, which isn't the easiest thing to do with a car as rare as this.

What's your favorite thing about your car?

I've always been a fan of the window design, but this car in particular it was when I got the DVD receiver installed. As far as I was concerned, that made the car even that much cooler.

Could you tell me a little bit more about those windows? They're incredibly unique.

There are a few reasons for the unusual windows. At first, you may think the windows would hinder your view instead of help it. But the window design in the SVX allows for a very low sill, plus a window that goes all the way to the roof. It extends forward more than in most cars. It took me less than a day to get used to it. The fixed glass is curved to improved aerodynamics. It also reduces wind noise whether the moving windows are up or down. Styling distinction-wise, Subaru liked to call it an "aircraft-inspired, glass-to-glass canopy, succeeding in their attempt to make a car like no other on the road.

What was your first car? Any memorable experiences?

It was a 1981 Subaru GLF Hardtop (graduation present from Mom & Dad). Enjoyed having that type of freedom for the first time going to work, going out to parties.

Why a Subaru? And why an SVX?

Our family was a Subaru family dating back to 1978, when my dad got a GL Wagon. Mom had an XT, grandfather had a first generation Legacy We were highly impressed with its reliability. When the SVX was first released in 1992, I was impressed by its concept car styling, and horsepower (by 1992 Subaru standards).

Anyone you would like to acknowledge or thank who helped you along the way?

Special thanks go to Fleer Subaru Motors (Gene and Mark Fleer), Morris Auto Repair (Doug and Matt Morris), and the service advisors and techs at Autobarn Subaru of Countryside. Also, special thanks to the Subaru SVX World Network Facebook page, and also SVX Nation Facebook club, the originators of, the current active campaign to get Subaru to put a new version of the SVX back into production. For more information, and to make a donation, please got to the website.