Jack's history of cars has lead him to claim that his STi is the best he's owned. Can't say we disagree!

Jack's car: 2012 WRB WRX STi Hatch

Engine and Drive-train: AEM CAI, GFB Respons BOV (Set at about 45% Atmos - 55% Recirc), Invidia Catted DP, SPT Catback Exhaust, APM Stage II Tune, APM Fuel Line Mod, Perrin Red Radiator & Alternator Covers, Password JDM CF ABS Pump & Battery Covers

Wheels/Tires/Suspension: Stock STi Wheels - Brakes - Suspension, GTSPEC Front Tower Brace, Sumitomo HTR ZIII Tires  

Exterior: Generic Front Lip, Grimspeed Front Plate Relocator, Hella Super Tones, JDM Black & Red STi Fender Badges, Varis V2 FRP Rear Spoiler, Perrin Shortie Radio Antenna, Subie Owership Badge w/CTS Medallion, 35% Rear Tint & 40% Side Tints

Interior: SPT Boost Gauge

Tell us a little about yourself: I'm retired, and currently doing some part time "valet driving" (picking up & delivering customer cars at Lincoln Dealers) for RedCap. I enjoy sports cars & racing (duh), particularly F1. I like Sci-Fi/Action movies (I'm a big time Trekie nerd!) I also enjoy building plastic models, some reading, and PS3 games when I can.

How did you get into cars? As a kid (back about the time the wheel was discovered) I was always into cars & planes, and that has stuck with me. Especially cars!

What is your dream car? A C7 Corvette Z06. I get wet just saying that!

What are your future plans for the car, and what do you like to do with it? From a mod standpoint, I've taken the car about as far as I care to. At my age it's best to know your limits. I'd still like to do the occasional track event and/or autocross. I used to be pretty good at those!

Do you go by any nicknames? If so, how did you get your nickname? Not really. My "proper name" is John, but I've always gone by Jack. Truthfully I don't like "John". Ed note - "Grandpa Jack" has been thrown around CTS for a while as a nickname too.

What's your favorite thing about your car? I love the acceleration, handling, and exhaust sound. Oh that rumble that'll wake the world when you put your foot in it! I especially like the little backfire pops when shifting after WOT! Nothing like it!!

What is something that you don't like about your car? On the crappy roads we have around here the ride can be a bit harsh sometimes. But that's the price you pay for fun cars like we have!

What is your car like to drive? An absolute HOOT! Just starting it always makes my day. Best car I've ever had . . . and I've had a bunch (Corvettes, TransAm's, etc.).

What was your inspiration or objective with this build? To have a high performance car that's faster than most, handles & brakes well, (I love the brakes on this car) and is a blast to drive. Success!!    

Why did you choose a Subaru? This is my 3rd Subie. Say what you will, but I believe Subaru builds one of the best cars around.

What was your first car? Red Chevy Corvair Monza with the 110 HP engine. It had Keystone Mags and I put a glass-pack muffler on it. That flat 6 made some sweet music!

What makes your car special to you? I feel like it's a pretty unique car the way I've done the subtle but cool mods. I feel a lot of pride driving. Especially, as an "old guy", when I suck the doors off a Mustang or a Bimmer!

What is something about you (or your car) that no one else would know about? That I was married for 32 years but she passed away in 2011. But now I've found a great gal in Lily! She's the best, and she's a Subie gal ('15 Impreza Sport)!

Any memorable moments with you car that you would like to share? Oh yeah, taking an aggressive line into Canada Corner at Road America after a triple digit sprint through the Kettle Bottoms. Nothing quite so fine on the planet!

Any shout-outs to anyone who helped you along the way? Yeah, APM and Mark Sadowski. And of course Hector Zapata and everyone at CTS. This club adds so much to Subie ownership, it's hard to put it into words! Thanks all!