There is a sense of pride when you do something by yourself. Michael's Subaru is a display of his hard work.

Michael's car: 2004 Subaru STi
Instagram: @PerezHood

Engine and Drive-train: Built EJ257, Manley pistons, Manley Turbo-tuff rods, Subaru nitrated crank, BC Stage 2 cams, BC stainless steel valves and BC springs, Precision 6266 V2 turbo and custom turbo kit, ID2000cc and fuel rails, Radium dual Bosch 044 surge tank.

Wheels/Tires/Suspension: BC coil-overs, Enkei VR5 wheels (225/40 R17)

Interior: 05 STi center console swap

Exterior: Spec-D Tuning Halo Projector headlights

Tell us a little about yourself: Other than working on my car, I like to watch velocity and play Xbox. After high school I worked many different mechanic jobs until I decided to leave the mechanic business and become a Warehouse manager in Elk Grove.
How did you get into cars? I’ve been into cars longer than I could walk! (laughs). That’s how long it’s been, so I really don’t remember how my passion came about.
What is your dream car? Too many to name! My next car would probably have to be a Corvette, or make my Subaru capable of running a 8 second quarter-mile.

What's your favorite thing about your car, and what's something that you don't like about your car? One of my favorite things about the car is that I painted the engine bay, piping, and intake myself.  I also did all the wiring and did a good job of not leaving the wires exposed. I don't like the body and paint (laughs).

Do you go by any nicknames? If so, how did you get your nickname? All my friends call me Perez because of my last name.
What are your future plans for the car, and what do you like to do with it? I need to get the paint and body work done next. After the cosmetic work is done, I am going to make it faster and get ready for next year!
What is your car like to drive? A f***ing rocket ship!!!
What was your inspiration or objective with this build? I wanted to make a bad-ass Subaru. I didn’t have any inspiration, just an image in my mind.
Why did you choose a Subaru? Ricardo Chacon. He showed the world of Subarus. 3 years later, I finally bought one.

What was your first car? 1991 Cadillac STS with the 32V Northstar. My favorite memory I have of my first car is not a good one - I laugh about it today - but it was when I let my friend rev the motor and he blew a head gasket. My car had rust holes in the muffler and sounded amazing.
What makes your car special to you? I put 90% of the car together at the end of my driveway, and built it with the help from some friends.
What is something about you (or your car) that no one else would know about? I went through quite a few jobs. Sometimes, I thought I would have to sell the car. But I never gave up and stayed positive, and did what I could with what I had and that’s what made this car so hard to build.
Any memorable moments with your car that you would like to share? The time I kept up with a hellcat at the drag strip also making my best pass of 11.8. But my favorite moment is when I won the 2.5 street mod class at the 2016 Subaru shootout, my first time at the track with my car. The car actually came off the dyno for the first time a week before shootout.
Any shout-outs to anyone who helped you along the way? Ricardo for all his advice and help.  Also to my boys Jimmy and Erik, for lending an extra hand when needed.